The good man is the friend to all living things.

mahatma gandhi


Net Positive Vision


Everyone is Net Positive

The future is beautiful, sustainable, and abundant. Everyone is Net Positive.

For example when you fly, your ticket funds planting of mangroves to sequester more CO2 than the plane emits while providing biodiversity and community benefits. The cost will barely be noticeable (about 1% of price on average).

Post scarcity economics and material abundance from exponential technology [AI, nano and biotech] (Diamandis)

Life is sacred, and biodiversity is treasured [inspiration: We Are From The Future]


Invest in Natural Capital

To attain this future invest in natural capital assets (e.g., mangroves, rainforests, reefs).

Most of us now have a natural capital liability (e.g., carbon emissions) but with a small investment in everyone can be net positive (e.g., 1% allocation to TREE). For most, this investment will be less than the price of a phone or laptop.

Consider climate, biodiversity, and community dimensions, taking into account UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Keep in mind 80/20 rule (focus on what matters most).


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Spark a Revolution

Spark a revolution with a Net Positive Pledge (e.g., give more than we take, leave a better world for future generations).  

Let’s make Good Money with blockchain technology’s global network of trust. Natural capital is the future of currency. It’s real wealth. Those who fail to make this investment will go the way of dtinosaurs, as consumers will naturally choose sustainable alternatives in a competitive world.


Appreciation and Liquidity

Natural capital assets will appreciate with broader awareness and demand.  

Every organization will make a small investment to be net positive in its balance sheet, at first voluntary and later mandated by law.

Lykke provides 24/7 liquidity for natural capital assets, so we can invest confidently.



Invest in nature.  Invest in life.

Natural capital currency that not only makes sense for investment but sense for the planet we share.


Our Partners

Environmentally conscious people looking for a transparent and trusted way to invest in nature through financial & social impact investments; Eco-pioneers / corporate partners seeking to engage consumers with a similar value-set and impact some of mankind’s ultimate environmental & social challenges; Wallet use cases / stories are based on Wonderfruit festival customers - Alliance partner.