Pitch a natural capital solution

Natural capital currency can take many forms.  We provide a platform to explore the opportunities to create natural currency to insure our generation does more to preserve than to take. Join one or create your own.


mangrove care


Care and support of mangroves are especially important to sustain the invested capital and provide the most effective carbon sequestration.  Our team proposes to provide on the ground care and support of the targeted 1 billion mangrove initiative as hands on care givers to insure best outcomes for young mangroves.  More information →

our land


We believe in protecting natural habitat by securing for all generations " The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impared in value. Theodore Roosevelt. This currency builds a steady endowment of public lands to be preserved in its natural state for generations to share. More information →